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What would you do for stock options and a top rate dental plan?

Revelations at upcoming stockholder revelry?

Excerpt from Money Shot [2070/02/05]

Bacchus Biochemical’s (BSYC: BBC-C) annual stock holder meeting is coming up next week, and with rumors circling about a major announcement from CEO Fredrick Yiannopoulos, is Bacchus a smart investment or just another small fry in the pharma-chem pond?

Founded in 2060, Bacchus started out making drugs and medical products under contract from DocWagon. Within two years they diversified their portfolio into cloning replacement parts and doing original research research. In 2064 during the chaos caused by The Crash 2.0, Bacchus thrived using an network of bicycle messengers co-ordinate delivery of medical supplies and replacement organs to their Seattle clients trying to cope with the crisis. Later that year they released Tetraciline, proving to the world that the Crash had not slowed their research efforts. In the next two years they made continued strides expanding into the bioware market, and producing Gravitrol and beating Shiawase to market on their new anti-depressant Dynonil.

The last three years have been fairly quiet for Bacchus, they’ve continued expanding their bioware lineup, but development on Praxanol their recent anti-inflammatory was canceled after Evo began taking the market by storm with their own new batch of products. So does Bacchus have anything up it’s sleve this year, Mr. Yiannopoulos has been lipped about the secret project that has been rumored to be consuming most of the company’s profits. If the stockholders don’t see something soon, they likely to jump ship. Normally, we here at Money Shot would only recommend Bacchus as a long term investment, and investors would be wise to wait until after their shareholder’s meeting to see how things play out. However, the smart investor looks for signs to suggest a corporation might be about to take off, well is there evidence to suggest that Bacchus is where the smart money is?

Their shareholder’s meeting has several key note speakers scheduled: Mr. Yiannopoulos obviously, his head of biotech research (probably to announce some new bioware being released this year), and not a peep from the pharmaceutical department. I would consider this to be a bad sign, but there are two other speakers from outside the company. Katherine Chow from Mothers of Metahumans, perhaps there to announce a new diversity initiative? The real headscratcher is Erin Wallace from the Draco Foundation, why is an organization dedicated to will of the late great Dunkelzahn speaking at a shareholder meeting for a company founded three years after his death? We reached out to Mr. Yianopolous about this, his response was that what will be announced will “change what it means to be metahuman.”

Corporate spin aside I think there might be enough here to justify the risk, we give Bacchus Biochemical a rating of B+. Has potential for a quick turn around with minimal risk.


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